Bocconi University
10/06/2020 h.09.00
Call for Papers: Sequence Analysis Association 1st International Conference
Banque de France and Bocconi University conference on Alternative Datasets for Macro Analysis and Monetary Policy read
19/09/2019 h.12.30
BIDSA Seminar: “Learning and exploiting low-dimensional structure in high-dimensional data”
BIDSA Seminar Series Fall 2019 - “Learning and exploiting low-dimensional structure in high-dimensional data” - David Dunson, Duke University read
ROOM 3.E4.SR03
10/07/2019 h.12.30
Blockchain Initiative Inaugural Lecture: Anonymity in Cryptocurrencies
BIDSA Blockchain Initiative's Inaugural Lecture presented by Sarah Meiklejohn (University College London) read
Velodromo building
18/06/2019 h.18.30
Stats Under the Stars 2019
Stats Under the Stars (SUS) is a hackathon for young Data Scientists, where the teams have a whole night to compete in the analysis of a real-world analytics problem, provided by a business company. read
ROOM 3.E4.SR03
02/05/2019 h.16.30
“It doesn't matter where you start, but where you end; Perspectives on education and career pathways from collaborative biostatisticians.”
BIDSA Professional Development Seminar with Todd DeWees (Mayo Clinic) and Isabella Zaniletti (University of Missouri) read
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