ROOM 3.E4.SR03
10/07/2019 h.12.30
Blockchain Initiative Inaugural Lecture: Anonymity in Cryptocurrencies
BIDSA Blockchain Initiative's Inaugural Lecture presented by Sarah Meiklejohn (University College London) read
Velodromo building
18/06/2019 h.18.30
Stats Under the Stars 2019
Stats Under the Stars (SUS) is a hackathon for young Data Scientists, where the teams have a whole night to compete in the analysis of a real-world analytics problem, provided by a business company. read
ROOM 3.E4.SR03
02/05/2019 h.16.30
“It doesn't matter where you start, but where you end; Perspectives on education and career pathways from collaborative biostatisticians.”
BIDSA Professional Development Seminar with Todd DeWees (Mayo Clinic) and Isabella Zaniletti (University of Missouri) read
ROOM 3.E4.SR03
17/04/2019 h.12.30
BIDSA Seminar: "Probabilistic symmetry and invariant neural networks"
BIDSA Seminar Series Spring 2019 - “Probabilistic symmetry and invariant neural networks” - Yee Whye Teh, University of Oxford read
2019 IGIER - BIDSA Visiting Students Initiative (VSI) Call for Candidates
IGIER and BIDSA invite students in the MSc in Economic and Social Sciences and in Data Science and Business Analytics who are interested in pursuing a research career to join the two research centers read
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