BIDSA Fellow Appointed Associate Editor at JASA
| 02/04/2020
BIDSA Fellow Appointed Associate Editor at JASA

Antonio Lijoi, BIDSA Fellow and Full Professor of Statistics at Bocconi’s Department of Decision Sciences, has been appointed Associate Editor of the Theory and Methods section of JASA, the Journal of the American Statistical Association. JASA, established in 1888, has since then consistently been one of the top-tier journals of the field.

"As the expression of the largest statistical association in the world", Prof. Lijoi says, "JASA has a large and diverse readership and aims to balance the methodological rigor and the attention to computational problems and applications", as shown by the fact that the Theory and Methods section coexists with an Applications and Case Studies one.

"As an Associate Editor, I will likely have to manage 10-12 papers per year, presumably focused on Bayesian Statistics. It’s something I’ve done, in the past, in other journals, but doing so at JASA means another level of scientific responsibility. It is a great honor for me to serve the journal, and I also see it as a sort of giving back as several JASA papers have deeply inspired my own research".

Source: Bocconi Knowledge