Big Data & Advanced Analytics
| Sarfatti building, Notari Room

| 24/10/2018 h.18.00
Big Data & Advanced Analytics
The Sense of Big Data for Generali Italia
As part of the cooperation with the Data Science Team of Generali, BIDSA has organizes the special event 

"Big Data & Advanced Analytics – The sense of Big Data for Generali Italia"

18:00 - 19:30, October 24, Aula Notari

- Generali Italia’s vision on Advanced Analytics
- Focus: the new skills necessary in a company
- Focus: the main applications, with insight in the fraud area

Davide Consiglio, Head of Advanced Analytics at Generali Italia S.p.A.
Isabella David, Analytics Business Lead at Generali Italia S.p.A.

The event is meant especially for students in order to
showcase the new exciting job opportunities Data Science has to offer.

Poster BIDSA Generali event