Room N15
13/11/2018 h.12.30
BIDSA Seminar: "Training replicable predictors in multiple studies" (joint with IGIER and Dondena)
Joint Seminar BIDSA, IGIER and Dondena: “Training replicable predictors in multiple studies” - Giovanni Parmigiani, Harvard University read
Sarfatti building, Notari Room
24/10/2018 h.18.00
Big Data & Advanced Analytics
Special event organized with Generali Italia to showcase new job opportunities in Data Science. read
BIDSA Affiliate and Co-author Awarded the Mitchell Prize
Daniele Durante and David B. Dunson received Mitchell Prize read
BIDSA Affiliate Receives Savage Award Honorable Mention
Giacomo Zanella's PhD dissertation received mention for Savage Award in Applied Methodology read
Several BIDSA Members Receive Recognition
Antonio Lijoi and Sonia Petrone awarded by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS); Silvio Petriconi received NVidia GPU Grant; Igor Pruenster named Fellow of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis read
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