The Math of Stem Cells
Triggered by a challenging biological problem, Hugo Lavenant, Assistant Professor at Department of Decision Sciences and BIDSA Affiliate, has developed innovative mathematical models for stem cell differentiation. read
Daniele Durante Awarded by the Italian Statistical Society
The Assistant Professor has been awarded for the first edition of the prize assigned to early-career scholars, under the age of 40, for the contributions to the Statistical Sciences. read
How to Improve Vaccines Communication
A study by Trento province health service, BIDSA Bocconi and ThatMorning reveals the differences between the social communication styles of the pro vax and the no vax. More storytelling and reassuring tones would help the case for vaccines. read
Zoom webinar
27/05/2021 h.17.00
BIDSA Webinar: "Veridical Data Science for biomedical discovery: subgroup discovery through staDISC"
BIDSA Webinar Spring Series 2021: Bin Yu, UC Berkeley Statistics, EECS, CCB read
Changing the Way Managers and Entrepreneurs Make Decisions
Alfonso Gambardella won an ERC Grant to conduct a randomized controlled trial on an unprecedented scale in management. He will test whether a scientific approach to decision making can improve the way managers and entrepreneurs make choices. read
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