Our aim is to promote and conduct theoretical and applied research that addresses challenging issues arising from the analysis of large-scale datasets and the modeling of the underlying complex phenomena. We are building a community of high-profile scholars to bridge the gap across Data Science disciplines and support the training of the new generation of data scientists by providing them with advanced statistical, mathematical and computational skills.


2021 IGIER - BIDSA Visiting Students Initiative (VSI) Call for Candidates
IGIER and BIDSA invite students in the MSc in Economic and Social Sciences, MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics and the MSc in Finance who are interested in pursuing a research career to join the two research centers
Math as an Adventure: The Unexpected Applications of the Optimal Transport Problem
Giuseppe Savare' met the optimal transport problem twenty tears ago, and since then he has witnessed its many and sometimes unexpected applications ranging from pure mathemathis to machine learning.
Big Data as Gold. A Bocconi Professor Contributes to Faster Simulators
Simulators are increasingly crucial in decision making, but they can be time and memory consuming, hence they are often substituted by emulators. Emanuele Borgonovo has developed a faster emulation algorithm improving a technique pioneered by a South African statistician and mining engineer
How to Summarize Graphs and Hypergraphs
Luca Trevisan has recently published an article about how to summarize these data structures in order to save memory and computational time while preserving their characteristic features.