Artificial Intelligence Lab

About Us:

The Artificial Intelligence Lab at Bocconi comprises a multidisciplinary group of researchers conducting theoretical, algorithmic and applied studies on intelligent systems, building on tools from computer science, statistical physics, statistics, theoretical economics and computational biology. Mathematics is their common language.
The research activities include algorithms, cognitive modelling, machine learning, rational decision making and game theory, statistical learning and stochastic optimization.

Members of the Lab carry out research in applied mathematics. They are computer scientists, statisticians, theoretical economists and theoretical physicists who are Bocconi faculty members or close collaborators.
Six ERC grants have been awarded to the Lab faculty members.

The Lab hosts researchers from other universities and research centers through conferences, workshops and visiting positions. PostDocs, PhD students and interns are a vital component of the Lab.


Riccardo Zecchina
Carlo Baldassi
Pierpaolo Battigalli
Emanuele Borgonovo
Nicolas Brunel
Simone Cerreia-Vioglio
Daniele Durante
Christoph Feinauer
Antonio Lijoi
Carlo Lucibello
Fabio Maccheroni
Massimo Marinacci
Sonia Petrone
Igor Pruenster
Luca Trevisan

Students and PostDocs:
Enrico Malatesta
Fabrizio Pittorino
Giacomo Zanella
Marco Pirazzini
Matteo Negri
Niccolò Anceschi
Renato Berlinghieri
Riccardo Della Vecchia
Gabriele Perugini