Our aim is to promote and conduct theoretical and applied research that addresses challenging issues arising from the analysis of large-scale datasets and the modeling of the underlying complex phenomena. We are building a community of high-profile scholars to bridge the gap across Data Science disciplines and support the training of the new generation of data scientists by providing them with advanced statistical, mathematical and computational skills.


Riccardo Zecchina joins the Department of Decision Sciences and BIDSA
As one of the latest editions to the Department of Decision Sciences and to the BIDSA team, Zecchina operates at the intersection between computer science, information theory, statistical physics, computational biology.
The Bocconi Summer School in Advanced Statistics and Probability
The first edition on Statistical Causal Learning will take place on July 10-22, 2017 at Villa del Grumello, Lake Como.
A Physicist in Bocconi
Carlo Baldassi has recently joined the Department of Decision Sciences as an Assistant Professor and BIDSA as an affiliate. His research takes on optimization problems and complex systems, in particular in the field of computational neuroscience and machine learning.
IGIER and BIDSA invite students in the MSc in Economic and Social Sciences (ESS) interested in pursuing a research career to join the two research centers. The deadline for applications is Friday, February 3rd , 2017 at 10:00 a.m.